Art in motion

Art in motion

Find your art inside your movement

Express your art on the move. Develop body awareness through connecting yoga in tango and tango in yoga. The benefits of these connections are huge! Dance and move more comfortable and more naturally, with more freedom and flow. We are Virginia Vasconi and Lya Elcagu, creators of Art in Motion. This training is a new, integrative proposal, in order to better express your movement and your Tango. We approach the technique from the body’s own bio-mechanics to help you move healthier, more naturally, powerfully, more stable and organically.

Lya Elcagu

Tango Dancer, Teacher & Yoga Teacher

My dance journey began as a little girl in Zürich, Switzerland with ballet and jazz classes, and later on a trip to Tunisia as a teenager, I fell in love with Oriental Dance. In dance, I saw grace, body control and magic happen.

By the time I was 25, Oriental Dance had turned into a career that took me on tours throughout Europe and the Middle East.

On a dance sabbatical to study more bellydance in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I discovered another dimension of depth in dance: the tango.

I have been teaching dance professional for over 15 years, including 5 years at the world-reknowned DNI School of Tango in Buenos Aires, directed by Dana Frigoli. I danced in productions created by Dana Frigoli and Melina Brufmann for the DNI Tango Company and exhibited in Milongas in Buenos Aires and abroad.

I yearned to take my understanding even further and began to also train in yoga (500 CYT), wanting to find the links between it all.

Based on that I developed the Dance your Flow Classes, where I work on body awareness, healthy execution of movement and the use of gravity to facilitate efficient movement in Tango. I'm super excited to share this journey with the Art in Motion Project too!

More info about Lya at and on instagram at @move_to_create

Virginia Vasconi

Tango Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

I was born in Cordoba, Argentina and took my first dance steps at age five which later lead me into classical ballet and artistic gymnastics. I am a Jazz dance teacher, proficient in stretching, yoga, classical ballet and contemporary dance. I have performed with many dance companies in top theaters across Argentina, including 7 years with Mixtura Dance Company.

I discovered my love for Tango in 2000 and in 2008 decided to devote myself completely to it, moving to Buenos Aires. I became a member of the famous DNI Dance Company & School for 7 years. In 2015 I started to dance with the well-known teacher and dancer Julio Balmaceda.

I have performed professionally in top milongas and prestigious theatres of Buenos Aires, and in prominent tango festivals worldwide. I have taught extensively at Salon Canning in Milonga Parakultural, one of the oldest and most legendary milonga in BA.

I have created as well a Tango Technique based on Yoga and Biomechanics, which is well-known for the natural, fluid and effortless movement. My dancing is distinguished for being elegant and graceful. I am an official Judge Member of The World Tango Championships (Campeonato Mundial de Tango) in Argentina and all the branches in different countries.

More about Virginia:


Lesson 1

Axis, Posture, Change of Weight

Lesson 2

Pivots (Foward & Back 8)

Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Turns for both roles


These wonderful teachers leverage the physical experience of yoga to set up lasting, memorable feelings in techniques I’ve struggled with for years! Few people use zoom as a way to celebrate their students the way these two masters do. I’m sore, I learned so much and had fun alon...

Jeff S.

I love the fusion of yoga and tango instruction directed towards a specific focus like improving giros or boleos. The two complement each other perfectly. It is Such an honor to have access to tango instruction from one of the best instructors, Virginia!

Talia K.

Being enthusiastic yoga practitioner and tango dancer, I always notice teachers who combines neat knowledge of human body with reach experience in that fabulous dance. Virginia and Lya classes reveals that very approach. Each class has a kind of warmup part with thoroughly select...

Sergey K.

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